ASP.NET Web Services

Think Microsoft, Think e-Zest

e-Zest recognizes the broader perspective of businesses, where there are number of economic business, and technical factors pushing the adoption of standardized web services and .NET based applications. Companies that provide access to web-based services used to augment or extend the functionality of connected business applications that reside on the desktop can benefit from our ASP.NET web services. We recommend web services to our clients because of the following benefits.

  • No physical distribution of software. Less cost and easy maintenance
  • Web services do not rely on any proprietary standards or platforms
  • Designed with a loose coupling between the service provider and the service consumer. One can run without the other
  • Data interoperability because of XML

Moreover, the MVC Framework improves your web applications with feature enhancements, code improvements and flexibility. It delivers bottom line business benefits to businesses.

e-Zest Expertise:

e-Zest uses .NET framework for development of web services because it provides wide support for web services development. It is possible to develop secure, scalable, robust and fast web services in a short span of time with this technology.

We use the .NET framework for creating XML web services by creating XML web services servers and XML web services clients.

  • Web Services related APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used for manipulating DISCO (Web Services Discovery Language) and WSDL (Web Services Description Language).
  • We utilize XML serialization in .NET for building web services.
  • ASP.NET, SOAP messaging, Windows forms, web forms are extensively used in web services development.
  • e-Zest also has expertise in integration of J2EE and .NET based web services.

e-Zest has a dedicated .NET team of experienced Microsoft-certified software architects, developers and consultants. e-Zest provides consulting services in developing custom enterprise applications development based on the .NET framework. e-Zest has years of experience with .NET application development. We have also worked on many ASP.NET MVC projects as well. We deliver technology solutions that are aligned to your business needs.

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