Azure Cloud for Big Data Analytics

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Today, there are numerous data sources which are generating massive amounts of data in real time. Businesses understand the value that lies hidden behind this data but are looking for modern systems which can store and process the large chunks of data. Legacy database systems and analytics software just do not match up to the demands of the modern-day data flow. That’s where Azure Cloud for Big Data Analytics is such a valuable tool for organizations.

Robust systems such as Azure Cloud generate actionable insights in real-time. The technology delivers predictive analytics and actionable insights which puts enterprises ahead in the race. Azure provides the computing power for all your data needs with a cost-effective pay-as-you-go price structure. Moreover, Azure also provides built-in analytics tools, data management, reports and other tools which deliver valuable business insights to the users.

Microsoft Azure also makes available Apache Hadoop as a service on its cloud. This framework is ideal for all your Big Data needs. It is built for scale and can store and process tons of data elements in Hadoop clusters.

Additionally, today’s data cannot be fit into relational databases alone. Thanks to numerous data through images, videos, text files, it becomes important to manage these data points. Thankfully, Azure allows for unstructured data to be stored in any NoSQL database resulting in high performance solutions.

e-Zest offers the Azure Cloud for Big Data Analytics needs. We are highly excited with the growth opportunities we can deliver to our clients with cloud and Big Data. Our engineers bring with them intensive experience of working on Azure cloud for Big Data. Our Azure and Big Data experts will deliver a powerful solution which will be result in a competitive advantage to your business.

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