The client is a Hong Kong based startup focused on providing internet based services to the local community. The Project was to develop social information and networking website.


This project was conceptualized to provide a web-based platform for localized community mingling, social information sharing, and constructive networking for residents of Hong Kong, making a difference in their lifestyle.

Required features were:

  • Localized Information
    • Online Magazine
    • Photo Gallery
    • Community news and events
    • Informative resources related to fashion, sports, travel, culture and various other facets of life style can be contributed by various members as Articles under appropriate categories.
  • Community Mingling
    • Members can manage their friends list and mingle with each other using interactive features like Live Chat, Messaging and SMS/MMS
    • Discussion Forum and Guest Book.
  • Social Networking


The application is designed to extend its services to other cities in China as well as rest of the world. It has inbuilt multi-lingual support, and provides for future integration with web-based ticketing for community events like games and concerts.

Overall software architecture was tuned to meet future performance and scalability needs with extensive use of design
patterns like MVC, Database Facade, and Factory Pattern.


Java, MySQL


e-Zest created a Social Information and Networking Website focused on localized services with high degree of personalization and keen attention to user needs (for example ability to search users from every page). Every feature was evaluated by e-Zest’s analysts for aligning it with project’s vision of making a difference in peoples’ lifestyle, and refined to exceed their expectations.

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