Digital Enterprise and Digital Workplace

Paving the way for a modern enterprise

The words digital enterprise and digital workplace are the big buzz in the corporate world today. However, most organizations continue to rely on paper for most of their work and processes. Despite being inefficient and clumsy, majority of the organizations still rely on paper for 90% of their work. Close to 45% of the organizations worldwide are yet to take any concrete steps towards a digital workplace.

And the problem is only getting bigger. Considering the speed at which the industry is going digital, traditional paper form will be untenable in the next five years. Moreover, it is expensive to produce and reproduce documents on paper. With increasing number of documents being generated every day, it is creating a massive digital dump for organizations. Modern day enterprises need to move towards a place which can leverage existing technology systems, build simple repeatable processes and improve productivity. A digital workplace is the true manifestation of these ideas.

A digital workplace is nothing but a virtual physical workplace, where workers are connected through technology anytime, anywhere. It is not just about the technology and its layers. You need to have the right mix of technology, people and processes.

In order to enable a truly digital workplace, you need to:

  • Have a solid strategy in place
  • Build an immersive user experience
  • Implement a robust, scalable technology platform
  • Gain the support of management and employees
  • Operations Management

A digital workplace can offer superior benefits to your organization. It facilitates collaboration, improves search, discovery and findability of information and enhances employee engagement.

Your migration from a physical workplace to a digital enterprise can be done on top of SharePoint. You can easily use technology to scan and capture data, build documents, forms and workflows, and create business apps with SharePoint data. SharePoint can help eliminate the need for paper and help streamline business processes. The platform helps you take data-driven business decisions improving profitability and sustainability.

e-Zest is the partner of choice for companies envisioning to become a digital enterprise. Our SharePoint experience engineers help you make the most out of the Microsoft platform. Our engineers possess unmatched skills and extensive experience of implementing SharePoint across many businesses. We empower your users and let you build a truly mobile workforce.

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