Information Architecture on SharePoint

Architect the best experiences for your users

The key to successful SharePoint Implementation in your organization is Information Architecture. Information Architecture is essentially the way in which information such as content and documents are architected on a system. A well-defined Information Architecture can greatly improve adoption of SharePoint at your organization. It also helps with compliance regulations and site management.

Now, SharePoint allows you to work with content in any form such as text, documents, images and videos. While adding and organizing these elements, it is important to understand the ways in which the content will be accessed and the users who will be accessing it.

In order to design a good SharePoint Information Architecture, you need to know its core elements:

  • Site and Site Collections
  • Content Type
  • Metadata and Taxonomy
  • Search Schema
  • Security

You will use a combination of these elements to design a good information architecture. There is no one way to do this. You can choose any combination that works to present your content in the best manner possible.

When designing a SharePoint Information Architecture, you need to make sure that the design is scalable and can incorporate different types of content with time. You need to create simple, logical structure which offers ease of use to people accessing the system.

We at e-Zest understand the importance of SharePoint Information Architecture in your organization’s governance strategy. Whether you are planning your information architecture from scratch or want to solidify your current system, our SharePoint team is well placed to handle all your needs. We make sure that your site offers a consistent, seamless experience to users by adhering to the best practices for developing a rock-solid SharePoint Information Architecture.

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