IT Asset Management

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The role of IT Asset Management or ITAM is a primary point of accountability for the life cycle management of information technology assets throughout the organization.

ITAM by definition is “the set of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions to support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment.’’

The assets comprise elements of software and hardware in the business environment.

Why should an organization embark on ITAM?

  • It can uncover savings through process improvement and support for strategic decision making
  • It can gain control of the inventory
  • It can Increase accountability to ensure compliance
  • It can enhance performance of assets and the life cycle management
  • It can achieve a risk reduction through standardization, proper documentation, loss detection

IT Asset Management is an integrated software solution that works with all departments that are involved in the procurement, deployment, management and expense reporting of IT assets.

The e-Zest IT Asset Management (ITAM) service pointers:

  • Preparation of Installation reports for all IT Assets.
  • Maintenance of all IT Asset Records with respect to warranty details, contracts, configurations, serial-no’s, make, date of installation, date of repair, date of maintenance etc.
  • Recording & updating all the changes in the Asset details as and when it occurs.
  • Providing a documented work-flow based IT Asset issuance
  • Providing IT Asset Inventory tracking & MIS reports.
  • Management of Hardware under this service include – Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Networking equipment, UPS, LCD Projectors, Scanners, Fax machines, EPABX systems and video conference equipments.

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