Custom Java Applications

Experience Java with e-Zest

The wide acceptance of the Java platform (JEE) in the software industry is evidence of its status as a platform of choice for enterprise application development.

Java has emerged as a leading development platform based on its modular, component-oriented architecture. It offers companies portability and scalability to meet changing business needs.

We recommend JEE for your custom application development needs for following key reasons

  • It provides platform independence which helps in developing cross-platform portable solutions
  • Little or no cost is needed to start a custom development project in Java, since there are no licensing fees for the platform.
  • There is strong vendor and open source community support for java applications in areas ranging from e-mail, e-commerce to database transactions.
  • It offers several features that accelerate time-to-market.

New version of Java Enterprise Edition platform, Java EE 6 includes several components, such as Enterprise Java Beans 3.0(specification for server side components), Java Persistence API (for mapping Java business objects to relational database tables), and JavaServer Faces (for developing user interfaces) which are further simplifying application development using Java platform.

  • Java Server Faces uses a component tag library, which can encapsulate JavaScript code, such as XMLHTTPRequest to simplify Ajax development.
  • Java API for XML services supports the notion of service-oriented architecture, which supports integration through the exchange web services calls.
  • Java EE 6 simplifies development for web services, transactions, security and other capabilities through the concept of annotations or metadata.

e-Zest has the experience and the technical know how to assist you in designing, developing and deploying open standard infrastructure solutions based on Java EE 6(JEE), and related standards.

Some of the major custom Java platform application development offerings from e-Zest include

  • Developing Web 2.0 applications using JBoss Seam by unifying and integrating technologies such as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), Java Server Faces (JSF), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB3),POJO, Java Portlets and Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Java SE 6 based development for desktop and servers, as well as demanding web services, embedded and real-time environments
  • Web Services and SOA based application development using Java EE 6
  • Java ME based mobile application development
  • Java Component Development

Our clients see us as their software partners, which is why the companies for whom we have developed systems are always prepared to act as references for us. Read case studies for projects developed by e-Zest on Java platform and talk to us about how we can solve even the most demanding business challenges using expert Java EE custom software development services rapidly and reliably.

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