Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services allow users to combine the features of public and private Cloud. Advanced networking enables them to build a site-to-site VPN between on-premise and the Windows Azure Cloud making both clouds appear on the same network.

Hybrid infrastructure leverages multiple-premise network connectivity and easy migration of virtual machines on-premise as well as off-premise by bringing enterprises the agility to run and shift workloads wherever and whenever it makes sense.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services provided by e-Zest gives enterprises the flexibility to run, manage, and monitor on and off-premise infrastructure and applications in cloud.

e-Zest’s Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud infrastructure services will help you with:

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: We provide users the combined features of public and private cloud. We will also help you manage capacity optimization between on-premise Azure cloud bringing both on the same secure network.
  • Develop and Test in Azure: Enhance the continuous quality and reliability by shifting development and testing to Windows Azure Infrastructure Services environments. We will help you to configure and manage VMs to develop, deploy and test. e-Zest will also aid you in rapid development, deployment and test environments for application projects.
  • SharePoint on Azure: Enable users to develop, deploy and manage the SharePoint environments on Azure on multiple instances and multi-servers on VMs.
  • SQL on Azure: Deploy and manage SQL infrastructure in Azure. Windows Azure offers fast and easy ways to build data in the cloud while minimizing high infrastructure costs. Enterprises seeking high-performance SQL can get the compatibility with their existing and hybrid applications.
  • Active Directory Services across Azure: Deploy and manage your applications with Active Directory Services for Azure and on-premise.
  • Manage app back-up storage and integration on Azure.

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