Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

On the onset of cloud adoption, enterprises seeking to optimize and manage cloud infrastructure resources are looking at making the most out of cloud solutions. Microsoft Azure Managed Services provided by e-Zest allows you to do just that – optimize, monitor and manage your Azure environments from your virtual machines, systems, databases, media and mobile services.

Sign up for Windows Azure Infrastructure Services for optimizing your Cloud without the need to redesign business verticals. e-Zest will help you employ core infrastructure and migrate applications in phases while continuing a secure connection to your on-premise applications and data without changing any code.

You can also configure, deploy and scale powerful applications with e-Zest’s Microsoft Azure cloud services. We manage everything from uploading your application in Azure to deployment which includes provisioning, monitoring, and load balancing for on-going availability of services.

What you can do with our Azure Cloud Services: 

  • Deploy applications and APIs
  • Auto-scale to meet demand and save money
  • Deploy in any instance within minutes
  • Check health, monitor and load-balance instantly
  • Auto-scale and application patching

Contact our Microsoft Azure experts today at for more information.

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