Mobile Application Testing

Making sure your apps delight your customers

The testing solutions at e-Zest include mobile application testing and mobile device testing at every stage of the product life cycle.

Emulators and simulators are used to address issues related to mobile device management.

The e-Zest Offering:

  • Mobile test operation
  • Interoperatibility
  • Security/ Penetration tests
  • Protocol conformation
  • Enterprise mobile enablement testing
  • Ruggedized terminal testing
  • Heterogeneous platform testing
  • Allows developers & aggregators to accelerate the time to market of their market applications.
  • The e-Zest team has a proven understanding of the wireless handset and the mobile market ranging from devices to application testing. The various aspects are :

Compatibility testing – That ensures that a given application works as intended.

Interoperatibility testing – Includes testing of different functionalities on different mobile agents.

Functionality testing – Of a mobile device includes controls, storage media handling options and other operational aspects.

Usability Testing – Encompasses mobile interface testing, application navigation testing, and intuitiveness of the application consistency and soberness of color scheme.

Performance Testing – The load, capacity and stress testing of mobile application servers is tested. Stress testing is undertaken to validate an applications stability and reliability over an extended period of time.

Localization & Internationalization Testing – The objective of this is to ensure that the localization and internationalization features are supported by the devices and applications as per specifications.

Data exchange & Synchronization Testing – This testing focuses on data exchange and synchronization among different mobile devices.

e-Zest promises to deliver for its clients: consistency, cost effectiveness, reduced time-to-market and the quality enhancement of products!

e-Zest Solutions is digital experience engineering company with facilities in the United States (Detroit & San Jose), Germany (Hannover), United Kingdom (London UK) and India (Pune) with global clientele. Our services include custom software development, offshore software development, UX consulting, BigData, Managed cloud Services (Azure & AWS), SharePoint consulting/Migration, Enterprise Java application development, Automated software testing services.