Relata is a CRM platform that currently features a sales force automation module, with additional CRM modules currently being developed. Relata has user and administrative interfaces. Being web-based, the interface for Relata is a current version of a standard web-browser.

Relata is completely web-based in order that it may be run without having to install special client software – something of specific value to IT managers who want to deploy Relata in an organization with many users.


  1. Relata allows you to manage your contacts and accounts from one integrated web interface. Sales professionals can use Relata to organize and manage their customers and accounts with ease and powerful functionality.
  2. Relata is highly scalable and is appropriate for use in the enterprise.
  3. Relata can be customized to run with any SQL database.
  4. Using Relata, you have the power to create custom fields, manage sales opportunities, associate your contacts with various categories (groups) – e.g. ‘Computer Salespeople’. By adding this functionality, Relata allows you to perform rapid queries on key variables, communicating with your contacts in a more targeted and efficient capacity.
  5. Relata allows you to send email to your specific groups simultaneously with important information – saving you from emailing each contact individually.
  6. Relata allows you to track responses to outgoing emails, should you decide to conduct an email marketing campaign.
  7. Relata also records and tracks all your communications with your contacts, giving you a more precise history of each relationship, allowing you to extract more information and value from your database.
  8. With built-in support for opportunities, users are able to avoid losing out on potential sales.
  9. Relata also allows you to better organize and prioritize your short-term and long-term activities using the to-do and calendar features. You can plan ahead with Relata: enter events or to-do items ahead of time and print out your daily to-do schedule and calendar whenever you require it.

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