Pentaho BI Services

Take advantage of this open source BI suite

The Pentaho BI suite is the world’s most popular open source BI suite. It provides a full spectrum of BI capabilities, and a BI platform including query and reporting, interactive analysis, dashboards, data integration and mining.

To get a clear picture of the fundamental business information such as inventory levels, orders in the pipeline or client history the managers have to contend with a rapid accumulation of large volumes of data. This data arises out of interactions between departments, the outside world, historical information as well as external market information and is entered into the information system for future use and access.

The wide gamut of our Pentaho Services span:

Pentaho reporting & analysis, data integration & mining, metadata design and development, data integration design and ETL Development, report design and development, dashboard design and development , application integration and performance tuning.

Pentaho Reporting is generally the first BI application deployed as reporting in one form or the other is considered a core BI need. Pentaho reporting allows organizations to access, format and distribute information to employees, partners and customers by employing flexible deployment, broad data source support, popular output options, web based ad hoc query and reporting for business users, and enterprise edition which provides software functionality and much more.

Pentaho Analysis enhances the insight and understanding of the business users by providing an analytical power to them to make optimal business decisions.

Pentaho Analyzer provides intuitive, interactive analytical reporting permitting non-technical business users to understand business information quickly. Analyzer features: Web based drag and drop report creation, advanced sorting and filtering, customized totals and user defined calculations, chart visualizations and much more.

Pentaho Dashboards deliver key metrics in an attractive and intuitive visual interface. They give business users the critical information needed to improve organizational performance. They deliver this visibility by providing rich, interactive displays and self-service dashboard though which users can create personalized dashboards with zero training. Integration with Pentaho reporting and analysis, portal integration and integrated alerting is also provided.

Pentaho Data Mining After the deployment of analysis, reporting and dashboards BI is taken to the next level by adding data mining and advanced analytics. e-Zest can provide the truly sustainable competitive advantage to enable the maximization of the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization. Through data mining and the process of running data through sophisticated algorithms you can uncover meaningful patterns and correlations. In order to enable you to derive the maximum advantage of data mining for your organization, our Pentaho BI Project team has worked in conjunction with the development and business communities to integrate BI capabilities with advanced data mining.

The features and benefits encompass providing an insight into the hidden patterns and relationships in your data enabling you to exploit these correlations to improve organizational performance, providing indicators of future performance, enabling embedding of recommendations in your applications and enabling you to derive the maximum advantage of a range of data mining algorithms.

Pentaho Data Integration – The abundance of data makes it very challenging for IT organizations, to provide a consistent, single version of the truth across all sources of information. Through Pentaho data integration powerful extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) capabilities using an innovative, meta-data driven approach is achieved. With an intuitive, graphical drag and design environment, and a proven scalable, standards based architecture Pentaho Data Integration is fast becoming the preference of organizations over traditional, proprietary ETL or data integration tools. Pentaho Data Integration as a full featured ETL solution includes : rich transformation library broad data source support, advanced data warehousing support, proven enterprise class performance and scalability and integration with the Pentaho BI suite for Enterprise Information Integration advanced scheduling and process integration.

Our expertise in Pentaho Technologies is amply demonstrated in the multiple projects we have executed for our clients. The technologies we have worked on for various systems are:

Pentaho reporting for varied sources like relational DBMS, OLAP, XML based data sources, RTF, Plain text, Excel, Web Based reporting, Pentaho report designing services, Multi lingual report deployment, real time report publishing and analysis, Kettle Pentaho integration services, OLAP MDX with Pentaho, Mondrian analysis services, Pentaho ETL, Data Integration services and EII integration, and Weka Pentaho Data Mining.

The various industries where Pentaho can be executed are the – MSMB sector, Health care, Education and E learning, Online Customer Service , Online E business, SaaS/ISV and software products.

Pentaho is an open source alternative to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server BI components
  • IBM Cognos
  • Hyperion
  • Oracle BI Service
  • SAP Business Objects

At e-Zest we offer an easy interface business intelligence solution which does not require a high degree of technical skills to generate reports and analysis. We employ industry proven methodology and processes in our development and implementation of the Business Intelligence solutions. Through a combination of data mining tool, open source OLAP and management reporting, we help you see a 360 degree view of your entire data. The e-Zest BI solution delivers a combination of integrated reporting, dashboarding, analysis and data integration to facilitate better decision making for companies. We offer a seamless integration of projects with business applications, through the expertise of our skilled professionals.

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