Software Product Modernization

Robust solutions based on modern platforms

Technology changes are altering the way business is done. The technology change wave and consumer preferences associated with these technologies create multiple challenges and opportunities for ISVs and software product companies.

Towards the end of the product’s life-cycle you start getting feedback from your existing customers like: high maintainability, performance not matching new customer’s expectations, difficulties in integrating the product with other IT solutions, unattractive user interface, difficulties in operating the product, old architecture not supporting the latest technology and business trends. These are the early indicators that the stable and successful product needs to be migrated to re-address market needs.

Currently major technology drivers for product platform migration and re-engineering include the need to build component-based, service-oriented architecture’s (SOA), improving product usability using AJAX capabilities or supporting Software as a Service (SaaS) product delivery platforms utilizing web services integration capabilities.

Changing or adding a platform is a big decision – it requires assessment of market opportunities, validating feasibility, plan for new architecture, and estimation of cost and effort, all of which involves resources and cost. e-Zest can help you in this decision making process and provide solutions which meet or exceed your expectations.

Some of the key service offerings in product porting and platform migration by e-Zest include

  • Operating system platform migration (Linux, Solaris, Windows)
  • Migration of legacy products to .NET Platform (From Delphi, FoxPro, Fortran, VC++, MS-Access based products to Dot Net or JEE)
  • .NET 1.1 to .NET 4.0 or .NET 1.x/2.0 to .NET 4.0 Migration
  • JEE to .NET Migration and vice versa
  • Proprietary architecture to open, standards-based architecture (Migration to Struts, EJB, Smarty frameworks)
  • Database migration (for example SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL to MariaDB)
  • Programming language migration (Migration of PHP, Perl based applications)
  • Platform interoperability (Palm OS based applications, BREW based applications to Dot Net Compact)

e-Zest has extensive experience and expertise in re-architecture, migration and re-engineering of complex software products built on legacy platforms. We have worked on legacy product platform and re-engineering assignments spanning across all leading-edge development platforms, such as JEE and .NET, on a variety of operating systems, databases (relational and object), and application (JEE-based) servers.

e-Zest Advantages:

  • Quicker time-to-market leveraging e-Zest product development capabilities
  • Minimize overall development cost by providing product sustenance support
  • Attract new customers with a competitive product capabilities to serve wider market
  • Enable development of high performance, scalable and robust product platforms leveraging new technology and architectural platforms

e-Zest Solutions is digital experience engineering company with facilities in the United States (Detroit & San Jose), Germany (Hannover), United Kingdom (London UK) and India (Pune) with global clientele. Our services include custom software development, offshore software development, UX consulting, BigData, Managed cloud Services (Azure & AWS), SharePoint consulting/Migration, Enterprise Java application development, Automated software testing services.