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Design and development of real-time computing systems is the most challenging and complex task that can be undertaken by a software engineer. By its very nature, software for real-time systems makes demands on analysis, design and testing techniques that are unknown in other application areas.

Real-time Systems are highly coupled to the external world. That is, real-time software must respond to the problem domain (the real world) in a time frame dictated by the problem domain. Because real-time software must operate under rigorous performance constraints, software design is often driven by hardware as well as software architecture, operating system characteristics as well as application requirements, programming language vagaries as well as design issues.

We specialized in PC based real-time industrial control software development i.e Industrial Process Automation Software. Most of the Manufacturing companies, as they are facing the subtle market competitions requires lot many things need to be precise and accurate and most importantly reliable.

We believe that:

  1. Standard PCs will replace PLC based systems in many areas of industrial control;
  2. Usage of Object Oriented programming languages will result in more efficient and reusable control software than “ladder logic” type programs;
  3. Open source software is more advantageous to both end users and developers than proprietary software.

e-Zest has developed the Process Automation software to be implemented in India based manufacturing companies like medisystems, Furnace-Fabrica, Jadhao Gears etc.

Quality Aspect is turning out one of the niche area which most of the companies are looking for. That’s why different certification Authorities like ISO and ASTM and ANSI are holding their grounds firm. The Automation software made by e-Zest comply these standards and hence in effect enhances the Manufacturer’s reliability. The software made for checking the Quality of the Manufactured product is the most favored product of e-Zest.

The process automation system includes the LADDER Programming for PLC and interfacing of Microcontrollers and PLCs with PC.

The monitoring and controlling of real-time industry parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, fire, pressure, force and other physical and electronic parameters can be done. Data Acquisition by specialized ADC cards from vendors like Data-Translation and controlling logic written in C, C++ and Delphi helps making the impulse responsive system more reliable.

The Framework for Such PC interface software is already developed by e-Zest, which is extensively applicable to many manufacturing companies. The Framework includes the PLC/Microcontroller interaction over the Serial port using MODBUS / RS232 / RS485 protocols. The same system framework is made extensible for a Network through the Socket implementation. 

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