The e-Zest services can be used in estimating and determining the test coverage audit metrics, which in turn analyze the severity, pattern, age and impact of the defects.

Through these services, e-Zest has discovered the various bottlenecks of the applications and processes. The diverse client base at e-Zest and a set of proprietary testing and specifically designed tools for various testing types including functional testing on a protocol level, performance and capacity testing, failover and recovery testing is developed.

The e-Zest Offering:

Requirement Traceability & Test Coverage Analysis

Test coverage measurement and analysis of the following:

  • Defect density
  • Defect trend
  • Defect leakage

Expertise in different methodologies

Effectiveness of the test approach adopted

Testing efficiency measurement & improvement

Taking precautionary measures before the project goes out of control

The various phases of the audit:

The comprehensive Test Environment Audit comprises of the:

Analysis Stage: All the aspects of the QA and testing processes and artifacts are analyzed such as:

Test environments, their limitations and differences from the production environment.

Test methodology in Use

QA processes and procedures

Existing test scenarios/ regression test libraries, their quality and coverage

Test Automation approach and current level

Past production bugs

Documentation of these findings in a report

Improvement Strategy:

Suggestions on the improvement of the test environment

Introduce and provide stubs or data players that would complete the test environment.

Enhance the existing test scripts with test cases

Create health environment health checks. Once the health check is confirmed an email notification is sent to all parties involved in the testing.

After the analysis and strategy a detailed Implementation Plan is drawn out.

With the impeccable services and vast knowledge at e-Zest, our customers get first time right solutions, with a guarantee of test efficiency measurement, improvement and preventive measures to ensure continued success!