e-Zest blends in its expertise with the Alfresco benefits to deliver a winning combination to its clients!

Alfresco is cited as a very effective tool in “Social Content Management System ’’ and considered a leading open source solution for web and content management. A set of modules with multiple functionalities are offered by Alfresco.

Highlights of Alfresco:

  • Alfresco services make it a unique application which can be easily extended with web scripts.
  • Content delivered by Alfresco can be shared, collaborated with and syndicated across the web and captured for compliance, retention and control.
  • Its boundless features offer extensive functions such as :
    • Increasing levels of sophistication and swift
    • Content management interoperatibilty services (CMIS )
    • Powerful enterprise features
    • Highly scalable Java technology
    • Document management
    • Web content management
    • Collaboration
    • Record management
    • No licensing charges
    • Integration with Drupal & Joomla portal solutions
    • New add-ons such as “Share Interface’’ to make content easy to find
    • Very useful for both small and big businesses
  • It is an essential open source enterprise content management system that offers powerful features for interacting with the content in its repository from outside the system.

The e-Zest Alfresco combines:

  • Enables customers to leverage the power of information throughout the organization
  • Is uniquely tailored to improve collaboration, leverage real time information to improve customer satisfaction
  • Enables corporate knowledge transfer
  • Ensures compliance with standards and regulations
  • Facilitates a comprehensive ECM platform and Alfresco provides core content management capabilities such as: document management (Alfresco DM), web content management (Alfresco WCM), collaboration (Alfresco Share) and content as service.
  • Provides numerous interfaces and application development capabilities are provided by employing Alfresco.
  • Guarantees benefits to its users from community contributions that extend the power of the platform with numerous add-ons, extensions and integrations.
  • Gives Alfresco enhancement as per the client’s requirements
  • Has a success history of having completed Alfresco assignments on consultation, integration and customization projects.

Our gamut of services span training/consulting and development/customization services on Alfresco/Liferay portal integration/Alfresco/Jboss integration and Alfresco/Drupal Integration.

e-Zest successfully integrates its expertise along with the wealth of capabilities and the tremendous flexibility of Alfresco to address the needs of its clients and maximize the success of their organization!