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Building Intelligent Applications using Microsoft AI Platform


Are you looking forward to discover how Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure and AI can help in transforming your business and provide more returns by making your IT systems, Apps intelligent? e-Zest being the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) and Gold partner of Microsoft provides an excellent opportunity for new and existing enterprises to understand how to build and deploy new age AI based workload and increase the returns on investments and bring lot of transparency and automation to the business. Our Microsoft Consulting group at e-Zest is aimed at providing guidance to our customers to get maximum benefit from Microsoft AI platform (Cognitive Services), Azure cloud & DevOps.

We are in the era where a majority of Fortune 500 enterprises have already chosen Cloud to host their business workload. Microsoft Azure is one of the common choices as a Cloud Platform. Cloud is not always about hosting your applications, but its PaaS, IaaS and SaaS services and Security offerings take it to next level and bring a lot of value to your applications and services. In today’s modern world hosting your enterprise workload on the Cloud is not a new thing, what matters most is the extent to which the hosted workload becomes intelligent.

How does one go about adding intelligence? The answer to this question will need more than an e-book. However, we have attempted to simplify it here. Building intelligent application means reducing GTM time, Less Development time, bringing more automation and building some top age analytics and predictions from the data. This can be achieved with AI, Machine Learning, and Cognitive services

This eBook is designed for the CXOs and IT Directors and IT Infrastructure Leaders who want to leverage various Microsoft Cognitive Services (AI) and Azure Machine Learning. The information presented in its pages provides a clear vision to an organization about the capabilities of cognitive services and machine learning.

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