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Content Management Product Development:
The CM product is the complete document creation & management system for the execution & control of Virtual University in European countries. This .NET application serves as the interface covering the Digital University, subscriber universities & the institutions as an end user. This has an aim of converting to workflow management, better control over the documentation, sharing & learning.

Online Healthcare Delivery System (OHDS) :
OHDS has integrated electronic relationships with multiple stakeholders in US healthcare system to provide patient care with more quality. OHDS also provides patients tools that allow them to become active participants in their own healthcare by on-demand self scheduling appointments, forms completion from home, etc.. Also helps Physician’s by having online complete patient health history and information, online physician/physician referral, etc.

Document Management System:
It is the application developed for the non-profit organization in managing the documents that are submitted from many regional offices from multiple geographical locations. This Development of an end-to-end document management solution is a suite of components for capturing, storing, indexing, browsing, searching and retrieving documents. The document formats and even image formats supported by the system are: doc, xls, ppt, pdf, html, jpg, gif, tiff.

Online real estate news and content serving portal : Migration from ASP to .NET
It’s a real-estate’s newsline and content serving portal. Its having content syndication with many prestigious websites. The content management application contains advice articles, glossary, news and reminder’s capabilities. e-Zest had redesigned, developed and implemented this application using Microsoft .Net framework for increasing performance of system.

Auctioneers Licensing Management System : Migration from ASP to .NET 
The system development involved migration of existing VB 6.0 based desktop application to .NET environment. This Licencsing system is migrated to .NET succesfully with two version a) Desktop Version and b) Online Web Version. Major challenges were Application Migration Methodology, Reusability Analysis, Performing Batch Renewals, Performance and Speed for Data Retrieval & faster result view to the end user.

Schools Collaboration Portal:
This web-services based application provides a platform to the community of schools to manage the group of school. It is a development of the generic hierarchical framework with interfaces for portal administrator, school districts and schools and provide multiple services like message board, mesage board, school and personal calendar, by means of independent applications integrated with this framework and with each other. The framework supports a centralized user management system for all applications and allows sharing of data between different schools and school districts.

Active Video Solution:
This is the web-enabled desktop application for producing and editing the video commercials is to be designed, Developed and published. The application include facilities to make the streaming video (MPEG or ASF files),it provides the editor to edit the background of the Commercials that are developed, Synchronization of audio and video presentation, and media mixing.

Enterprise Application Suite:
This enterprise suite was developed considering it as a base for e-Business infrastructure at multiple locations applicable for Mining, manufacturing and pharmaceutical Industry client specific needs. Different modules of the system wee Organization masters, Planning, Local Purchase, Import Purchase, Inwards ,Outwards, Order Tracking, Stocks, Payroll, Inspection, Admin and MIS Reports

Customer Database Manager:
This project was developed for providing the complete solution for creating and managing customer reference database and managing customers’ reference requests of a software product company. Follow-up actions and analysis of the source of the references was also covered in the scope of this project.

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