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A global technology leader in bank note production and processing, this European giant offers security solutions for mobile technology to leading banks, mobile network operators, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

After working closely with top banks in the region, client realized the bank’s pain points in client handling and management for custom card orders. Dealing with customers manually every time usually led to high spends on operations and sales.

The client wished to automate the process using a mobile app for bank’s customers. The vision was to help the banks save costs and man hours spent on processing custom card orders manually. The client wanted to build a mobile app that would enable customers customize the card as per their needs just through a few clicks on their mobile devices, helping banks save thousands of dollars overtime.

Here's how e-Zest helped the client by developing a mobile app that would automate the process of custom card orders:

  • The team understood the client's vision to build a simple and easy to use mobile app for custom card orders with just a few steps.
  • The UI / UX team at e-Zest analyzed the user requirements and created a story board that converted into application flow with simple steps for card customization.
  • The application design consists of four simple steps such as personal details, image selection and image processing options, nearest branch and authentication for quick processing.
  • The application currently has more than 10000 users across Europe and Germany.

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