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With a network of more than 800 operators in over 180 countries, this leading mobile interaction and payment specialist delivers a combination of software and services that allow businesses and solution providers to create mobile solutions with the greatest possible reach.

With a vision to unify the billing processes and replacing their old systems and processes with next generation advanced routing and billing mechanism, the client approached e-Zest for a quick solution.

Here's how e-Zest came up with a solution for unifying the bill calculation process for various messaging services provided by the client:

  • The team understood the desired change in the application was to update the billing mechanism so that no manual intervention is required to complete the process.

  • Billing mechanism was automated in the system leading to no human intervention.

  • Code optimization was done to improve auto schedule process performance.

  • e-Zest’s SCRUM process approach ensured smooth delivery with well-defined processes and documentations, faster time-to-market for product.

  • The project was implemented by combining time-tested methodology, tools and best practices followed by e-Zest and with quick turnaround.

Technologies Used

  • Java 1.5
  • Spring Framework 3.0
  • Hibernate 3.2
  • Web-services

Tools Used

  • Quartz Scheduler: Full-featured, open source job scheduler
  • Eclipse: Multi-language software development environment (Helpful for rapid application development)
  • PMD: Automatic code review product
  • ER Studio and SQLyog: To manage MySQL database
  • Ant: To automate building application
  • Whizible: e-Zest project management tool
  • SVN: Subversion version control system

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