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This leading technology solutions located in New York provides variety of services ranging from web design to customized software solutions. The end user being a leading financial company wanted to rebuild their cashing IT system which was out dated.

To reduce the time required in clearing checks and hence making the process fast and efficient, client wanted to re-engineer their existing IT system with latest Microsoft technologies.

Here's how e-Zest was able to replace their existing system with an online IT system:

  • Team e-Zest built a system that collaborates different front end and back end users in the process of instant check clearance thus improving the process time of instant cashing.
  • The System delivered by e-Zest enabled users to collaborate and complete the task of instant cashing and at the same time kept a track of the cash flow.
  • Considering the stringent deadline set by client, e-Zest team executed the project in two separate phases which were executed in parallel to each other.
  • Team used SCRUM as a methodology to accomplish the tasks. We proposed this approach considering the modularity in the requirement.
  • The system helped the end client in reducing the waiting time for check verification and clearance and reduce cost of operation by 55%.
  • It also increased the productivity of the staff reducing duplicity and re work.
  • Features like real time auto notifications helped improve collaboration between the front end tellers and back end administrators making operations smoother and more efficient.


  • Microsoft.NET
  • SQL Server 2005

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