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The U.S based CRM product based company offering hosted as well as client/server based CRM products in enterprise Java and Microsoft Windows Technologies for more than two decades faced post-release challenges in form of issues reported by customers.

The client’s CRM product was under maintenance by e-Zest. Client partnered with e-Zest for conducting testing for our testing capabilities. To test the client’s CRM product at various levels and also provide post release support, e-Zest decided to test the product with an independent testing team isolated from the development bias.

Here's how:

  • e-Zest created an independent testing team.
  • Following kinds of testing were conducted:
  1. Functional Testing
  2. Data Validations
  3. Performance Testing with
  4. User Load
  5. Data Load
  6. Destructive Testing for better functional coverage
  7. Regression Testing
  • Independent testing of CRM eliminated issues reported by customers within 3 months.
  • This tremendously helped to improve the client’s credibility and growth.

  • Bugnet
  • Test Complete 5.0

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