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With close to 400 associates serving more than 40000 global customers, client is a market leader in healthcare segment. This European giant offers IT concepts and solutions for a wide range of medical and paramedical professionals across European region.

Being a trusted provider of IT solutions for pharma industry across various locations, the client has an installed database of thousands of pharmacies. Client manages and analyzes data from these pharmacies to facilitate them centralized purchasing.

Faced with some key business and technological challenges with their existing traditional system, they felt a pressing need for a web-based solution that allows them faster and easier distribution of updates across thousands of pharmacies.

e-Zest acted as a technology and business transformation partner for migrating their central desktop solution to a web platform that reduced client’s operational expenses drastically overtime.

Here's how e-Zest helped the client through technology upgradation and business transformation:

  • The team went ahead with migration of existing central desktop solution to a web platform using a combination of Microsoft solution stack and high performance web interface.
  • Integrating functionalities like report generation, synchronization and centralization process to perform all operations as per individual pharmacy or a group's needs.
  • Agile execution approach and test driven development (TDD) were used for faster collaboration and deliveries.
  • The UX team at e-Zest analyzed the user requirements and created a story board converting it into user scenarios to deliver a responsive web design as per client’s branding guidelines.
  • The application is currently used by thousands of pharmacies across Europe for their day to day operations.

Technology Stack:

  • Web application: ASP.Net MVC
  • NHibernate
  • Data Source - SQL Server

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