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Client is a leading legal reporting agency operating in India that broadcasts various coverage ranging major judiciary courts which involves extensive documentation of legal cases, observations of judges, and decisions given by them. These legal reports in turn are used by lawyers for analysis, study, case preparation and training purposes.

They sought e-Zest's help to develop a desktop-based application which would act as a legal knowledge repository and allow access to legal practitioners on a subscription basis. This is how e-Zest helped them build a knowledge repository through a desktop-based application

  • Taking into account all the features needed in the application, e-Zest decided on a multi-pronged approach for this app.
  • The team used SOLR, an open-source enterprise search platform for full-text search, faceted search and data encryption.
  • The data was stored in an encrypted format so that users could not view the data directly from other data access tools apart from the dongle. - Essentially, a dongle was needed to activate the application.
  • The business needs of the agency to have a fast, reliable, secure application to store and access the legal records were successfully met.
  • The now live desktop application enhances the user experience and enables them to purchase e-books, subscribe to licenses, manage data, and search for relevant information.
  • The front-end of the application was built on Java FX since it is platform independent and takes care of multiple resolutions. Employing Java FX enabled e-Zest to deliver a rich-looking, modern desktop application that was very well appreciated.
  • The application, as desired, was compatible with the latest version of Windows and Linux.

Technologies and Tools:

A Java-based Apache Solr server with the ability to manipulate the records in offline mode.


Frontend: Java FX , FXML and HTML, JFX Flow, Google Guice

Background Jobs: Quartz Job Engine

Database: SOLR and Lucene


Spring, JDBC, Oracle , Apache CXF Rest Services

Middleware: Active MQ Queue

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