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Client is a leading solutions provider for corporate investors. The client’s Investor Relation (IR) Manager desktop application is the flagship app which used by a growing number of companies across Europe faced a challenge a typical service with growing user base would face. To solve this, the client desired for a iOS application keeping in view the increasing adoption of mobile services as a means of accessing information and conducting transaction.

This app would give valuable insights for decision makers and help them keep a track of the financial markets on the go.

They seeked e-zest 's expertise in solving this issue.

Here's how e-Zest helped the client by re-engineering the desktop application as desired by the client:

  • e-Zest team conducted a thorough analysis of this business-critical app.
  • With an intention to make reporting flexible, a wide range of tools for analysing investor data fund portfolio and holdings, along with analytical reports including dynamic graphical views from the website was made available to the mobile app users.
  • Back-end of the app would be based on .NET. The front-end of the app would use iOS to create an agile solution which could also be customised further.
  • The project team also infused the app with the ability to add notes, which was unique to the mobile app. This feature benefitted the end user greatly.
  • The user-friendly experience and an intuitive layout ensured details in real-time, the client could target more customers and grow his business.

Technologies and Tools:

  • .NET
  • SQL Server
  • Objective C, xCode

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