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When the farmers in UK and Ireland were faced with an increased regulation by European Union (EU) this in turn increased the paperwork leaving them very less time for farming specific activities. Farmers in UK and Ireland were spending long hours keeping records up to date for fear of doing something wrong and not being compliant. Our client who offers ERP solutions for farmers in Ireland recognized this need and envisioned for a digital solution for easy inventory, reporting, compliance and farm improvement. The vision was to eliminate paperwork and replace manual monitoring for maintaining their records on inventory, transactions, compliance and vendor management.

To make life of farmers easy and set this right forever, the client turned to e-Zest for developing an ERP solution that widely suits every farmer’s need in UK and Ireland.

Here’s how e-Zest helped them by delivering a web-based application for farmers:

  • We developed a solution that is very simple and easy to use by all kinds of farmers reducing their time taken for regulation and paperwork.
  • Our team designed a farm management software with an elaborate architecture by including every aspect of farming specific activity, transactions, operations and compliances.
  • Integrated functions like dashboard for quick overview of farm and different activities from anywhere, any device on-the-go.
  • Integrated third party APIs for easy online compliance management, finance reporting and analytics and mapping of the farm.
  • e-Zest delivered the first and one of its kind ERP solution in Ireland built for farmers which has won many awards and recognition.

Technology stack:

  • NHibernate as ORM tool
  • HTML5.0
  • Knockout
  • jQuery

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