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This leading healthcare software service provider offers solutions to thousands of facilities around the globe that includes large integrated delivery networks, and U.S. hospitals. They wanted to migrate from SQL 2000 reporting to SQL 2005 server. They partnered with e-Zest for carrying out the migration.

Here's how e-Zest helped the client with migration of SQL 2000 reporting to SQL 2005 server reporting services by converting existing reports with advanced SSRS features.

  • e-Zest technical team demonstrated high capabilities in development of web programming and web server control using ASP.NET applications.
  • Team used IIS for authorization of reports and had demonstrated expertise in web server administration in Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0.
  • The new SSRS feature of SQL Server 2005 was used for generating reports.
  • e-Zest team demonstrated high capabilities in adapting to new technologies like SSRS packages in SQL Server 2005 to meet client’s specific business drivers.
Technology Stack:

  • Presentation Layer - HTML, DHTML, JavaScript
  • Presentation Logic - ASP.NET with C# code behind
  • Business Logic - C#
  • Data Access Layer - ADO.NET

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