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The client provides business solutions to small and medium sized organizations which are HealthCare accreditation organizations. They wanted to develop a system for their clients to provide maximum business for healthcare accreditation.

With a vision to migration of MS-Access based application from legacy platform to scalable and high performance .NET based application with rich client navigational interface and enhanced features, they partnered with e-Zest to bring this vision to reality.

Here's how e-Zest built a healthcare CRM for the client:

  • e-Zest team understood the client's requirement and realized the existing application was not very efficient and needed an entire overhaul to be optimized from design, architectural and user interface point of view.
  • We used our .NET expertise and product engineering and development methodology for development of the CRM solution.
  • Our product engineering and development methodology spans from conceptualization, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment and enhancements to porting and ongoing support.
  • The Healthcare CRM system by e-Zest provided great help in healthcare accreditation for the client's end users.
  • Healthcare CRM provided rich client UI with easy operations, maintainable and a good scalable application resulting in the overall operational excellence as compared to legacy system.

  • Microsoft.NET
  • SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports 10.0

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