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Client is an automotive giant and one of the most successful corporations known for its steady product and process innovations. Being a customer focused organization; they desired to provide their consumers a digital platform that gives them a great product experience of their new vehicles that are being launched.

The client desired for an app that plays a duel role of an ‘e-Learning app’ and a ‘360o product experience app’ for their consumers to promote their next generation new launches through striking and visually rich product experience in a mobile app. They partnered with e-Zest for development for our design and development expertise.

Here's how e-Zest came with a striking iOS and Android app:

  • The team understood the client's requirement exactly and come out with an app that gives their consumers a feature rich product app that accommodates 360o view of the vehicle which is educating as well as fun-to-use.
  • The features that make this app very unique are its bookmarks, notes and real time content updates with the ability to use it even in the offline mode.
  • The e-Zest mobile development team developed a framework which externalized all the content. to enable the administrator to change the content even when the application is live, without resubmitting the app on the app store.
  • e-Zest used a highly scalable architecture for the apps that easily accommodates the launch of new vehicles and can be used for various other variants of the cars.
  • The app was deployed on App Store and Google Market for a wider reach and visibility among the smart phone users.
  • The app was highly desirable among the buyers of the vehicles and also those who aspired to make a purchase decision.
Technology and Tools:

  • PHP
  • Backbone.JS/HTML5/Jquery/Flash
  • DynamoDB
  • Pano2VR and KR Pano
  • ReelJS 2.0

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