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Client is a IT networking solutions provider with enterprise partnerships with leading Networking Infrastructure Solutions Partners, and strategic associations. The project was to build a IT Infrastructure tracking system using Microsoft CRM 1.2.

The vision of the project was to leverage Microsoft CRM to provide a birds-eye view of the entire infrastructure assets of customers in various sites. That would facilitate a single point of control to clients and resellers.

Here's how e-zest helped the client achieve this:

  • e-Zest developed two modules

Network Module: This module provides interfaces to view and manage information related to various IT assets. Security can be defined at individual asset level.
User Module: User Module was developed to manage external users (clients, resellers). This module also provided generic administrative capabilities like Site Management.

  • The application fulfilled client’s requirements of single point of access for clients’ data as well as data related to IT assets within MS-CRM without disrupting regular CRM processes.
  • We devised non-intrusive technical solutions that enabled smooth implementation and adoption of new modules within CRM while providing secure access to external users.
  • A look-and-feel exactly matching MS-CRM interface demonstrated e-Zest expertise in web design and graphics capabilities and ensured uniform user experience for end users.

Technology used

  • Microsoft.Net, SQL Server

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