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With more than 10 years of experience in quality management and handling vehicle OEM, this U.S based business enterprise dealing in high tech innovative solutions has proved to be a benchmark for the global leaders.

Their expertise in various fields such as information technology, transportation, mechanical engineering, industrial OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), MRO (Manufacturing and Repair Operations), distribution, manufacturing, supply, logistics and retail sectors has made them emerge as business leaders in their domain. They wanted the best and fastest custom search result for vehicle parts supplier.

Here's how e-Zest helped them develop a search engine for the vehicle parts:

  • Our technical team followed in depth research and development that to offer a customized search from a micro to macro part of vehicle.

  • e-Zest came out with a search engine that fetches the information regarding part details, manufacturer, description, category etc based on Apache Solr.

  • We developed the customized search engine successfully with a database for more than 9 million vehicle parts which is growing continuously.

  • Also, it proved as the better approach for optimization of the content, internal links and effective title tags. The premium features designed specifically for automotive e-Commerce, can get the products online fast and allows the customers to find them faster.

  • It also helps in getting the best alternate solutions for parts with the contact details of the local sellers and map for easy access to local store locations.

  • Apache Solr being an open source technology served as a useful tool in the big data revolution with analyzers, indexing, and advanced search features.

  • The search engine proved as the best solution and reflected with positive escalations in client’s business with many business benefits.

  • e-Zest delivered a comprehensive search solution and helped the client move away from manual search solution and empowered them to grow their business multiple folds in short time.

Technologies used:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Apache

Tools used:

  • Magento framework
  • Zend Framework
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services (Cloud platform)
  • Apache Solr for blazing fast search response

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