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A leading automotive manufacturer and Fortune 100 company, this company has mastered the art of turning the outcomes of creative process into useful products, services, and work methods.

Their motor sales division in USA desired to launch a ‘digital platform’ to inform and educate potential and existing customers and users to get a better product experience of the ‘The Audio App Suite’ which was their very unique in-car technology.

Client's end customers perceived ‘the audio app suite’ as just a center stack to access the features on the dashboard. Here's how e-Zest resolved this issue, by redefining the app.

  • e-Zest worked on to expand the ‘app suite brand’ from just apps and data services to include all multimedia components with multimedia being the baseline product.
  • The UX and development team collaborated to re-establish this in-car technology tool virtually for a better consumer experience.
  • The IT teams merged its knowledge of ‘mobile’ and ‘UX’ to bring out a simulator app for multiple devices with a responsive web design for a robust mobile app with a highly immersive multi-device experience for iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • The development team built a hybrid solution for both iOS and Android platform with reusable codes. The application was enabled to work in the offline mode.
  • The analytics integration helped in measuring the statistics of the end user data which helped in faster updates.
  • e-Zest enabled the client to minimize operational investments and focus on customization and innovation due to flexible and cost-effective approach.
  • e-Zest delivered concepts, discovery and strategy that enabled reflection of client’s product vision to improve and increase customer engagement with their vehicles by facilitating and reinforcing true product experience.

Technologies and Tools:

e-Zest used in-house framework for Web Tier-Cross device HTML framework.

  • Android SDK (supporting Android 2.3.3 till 4.3)
  • iOS SDK 5.0 (supporting iOS 5.0 till iOS 7.0.2)
  • Amazon S3 with CloudFront
  • HTML 5/ CSS/ JavaScript
  • JQuery backbone plugins

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