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The client, a global traveler, was exposed to various problems faced by people who can understand and speak only in their native language. The travel experiences to countries like Iran, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Sweden through his previous company helped him understand most people could not speak and understand English.

If one can’t understand English, how can one advertise, or buy or sell products online? This thought led to the idea of online advertising portal for users seeking to buy and sell B2B products in their preferred native language. This so far was not possible though any other portal.

The vision was to build a multilingual responsive application for users who want to advertise in their native languages. The client desired for an application with simple UI and UX to make the application easy to use among users from different geographies.

Here's how e-Zest helped the client by developing a responsive multilingual site that meets all their objectives:

  • The team analyzed the requirement and came up with an idea of a responsive web application for both desktop and mobile users with easy translation and language detection functionality.
  • SEO implementation and social media API integration was done for improving the site performance and visibility across various search engines.
  • Right to left languages like Arabic and Persian was included. This functionality was integrated successfully within the application using CSS3.
  • The application currently holds 10,000 ads, with 425 product categories in 39 languages.

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