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This London based software solutions company delivering high-quality, high-value business and mobility solutions enables organizations to integrate their employees, customers and partners into their business processes. They required an integrated business suite supporting ERP, CRM and e-Commerce capabilities and partnered with e-Zest for development of SaaS based ERP platform.

Here's how e-Zest helped them:

  • The team went ahead with the development of an integrated business suite supporting ERP, CRM and e-Commerce capabilities where application modules can be accessed as SaaS delivery.
  • Models are built in a way where application users would have the flexibility to configure and subscribe a set of application modules.

  • The application modules are built to work seamlessness in integration with other modules or independently depending on user subscription module configurations.

  • e-Zest’s solution architect group architected a SaaS based application architecture with following highlights.
  • The application further provides a feature rich experience competitive with comparable on-premise applications using a subscription based licensing model.

  • e-Zest successfully developed and implemented a SaaS based ERP platform with benefits of centralization through a single-instance, multi-tenant architecture.

  • Microsoft.NET
  • SQL Server 2005

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