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The Client is in a web-based business specializing in the management of credit cards offering services to end users who are consumers and business individuals.

To fetch information from different credit card companies and bank websites, that would be then used for making strategic decisions by the users of the website, they envisioned to have an application to gather information and partnered with e-Zest for building the application.

Here's how e-Zest imagined and executed the application:

  • To reduce the total cost of ownership of the product without compromising on quality and performance the team used MVC with Struts.
  • The application was implemented in two phases keeping in view business needs and interest of the investors to balance it with the actual execution of project.
  • Phase one was related to development of standard application and phase two was enterprise version.
  • e-Zest used a configurable software development process platform Rational Unified Process, or RUP, that delivers the best proven practices and a configurable architecture for J2EE application development.
  • RUP enabled to select and deploy only the needed process components for each stage of project.
  • We used UML for object oriented modeling of the problem and RUP for managing software development process for this project.
  • We used design pattern such as creational patterns, structural patterns and behavioral patterns in project design phase.
  • e-Zest provided dedicated infrastructure and scalable resources, kept overall cost low without compromising the quality.
  • This application can be reused with small modifications. Application helped client in making strategic decisions.

Technologies used

  • Java
  • Oracle 9i

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