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This Chicago-based online marketing and consulting firm, specializes in the development of marketing solutions for the legal industry by leveraging social media technologies. They carried the vision for their existing product to capitalize on self-expression and communication capabilities provided by social networking platforms for critical decision support activities like the evaluation and assessment of professional service providers.

They partnered with e-Zest for developing the application. Here's how e-Zest carried out their vision:

  • Considering the viral spread of Facebook, the application performance and scalability were key requirements. Code refactoring and pair programming practices along with open-source performance monitoring tools helped in testing product for a large user base.

  • All team members were required to learn FBML, FBJS and FQL during the execution of the project. This provided useful for social networking development.

  • As the Facebook platform is at a very nascent stage, very little documentation is available for API, FBML, and FQL from Facebook. Project team members sourced all information from forums and other sources.

  • During development of Sprint 2, team identified and removed intermittent errors due to unsupported tags as well as GUI.

  • Team leveraged the outsourced product development expertise for social application development using SCRUM based agile approach for product development to bring viral adoption of product with minimum time to market and lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Java
  • Facebook API
  • MySQL

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