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With thousands of employees and representatives in different countries, ensuring their wide network of employees working in various departments and sections readily access information and resources is vital for enforcing responsible business practices.

Furthermore, in a global ecosystem, effective collaboration to create, review and share information can potentially save billions of dollars over time enforcing effective business operations.

This can be an extensive process especially if the methods used are outdated and old. This global non-profit organization turned to e-Zest to help them simplify and streamline their content and document sharing process through a digital platform.

e-Zest acted as a technology and business transformation partner to client, helped them move away from legacy system to a web platform that reduced client’s operational expenses drastically overtime.

Here's how e-Zest helped the client through technology upgradation and business transformation:

  • Application development that made creation, revision, review and publishing very simple for the user using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and high performance web interface.
  • Integrating features such as report generation, advanced search and commenting functionality that overcame all challenges that existed in manual process.
  • Agile execution approach and test driven development (TDD) were used for faster collaboration and deliveries.
  • The UX team at e-Zest analyzed the user requirements and came out with an application design as per client’s guidelines that are simple and intuitive.

The application is currently used by thousands of users across.

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