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Client Profile

With thousands of employees working for them and presence in more than 150 countries, this business travel services firm is committed to delivering perfect trip. This includes managers, procurement professionals, C-level executives and business travelers alike.

Their business travel solutions bring cost optimization to their clientele offering highest return on business travel investment.

Their earlier legacy system proved to be ineffective and time consuming to carry out this task. They replaced their system with a web based application that is hosted on AWS cloud which can be accessed by all their global offices.

To make their business operations more effective with this huge network of offices and data, they required a scalable solution that automates their operations across client offices.

Situation Analysis

After having moved their workloads to cloud from their legacy systems, while they were enjoying benefits of cloud, this shift also brought them security concerns as their business critical data and applications were hosted on cloud.

They needed to keep an eye on former employee’s accounts using which anybody could access the applications hosted on cloud. Since there were many current and ex-employees who were accessing their application, it was essential to remember different credentials for logging in to their desktops and cloud based application.

They wanted a high security solution for their cloud applications and to address this increased exposure to security risks, they partnered with e-Zest for our cloud expertise.

The Vision

Since putting their business-critical applications on cloud posed security risks, they desired for a solution that can secure their cloud services and applications from those risks. They wanted their application users to log into their desktops as well as cloud applications using same credentials by having single sign-on option for all users.


After moving the application to the cloud, client could not force employees for remembering new credentials every time they login.

Client was also facing the following issues

  1. They did not have information about their ex-employees and application was accessible for them too.
  2. The application users were forced to use/remember different credentials for logging in to their desktops and this cloud based application.

Our Solution

e-Zest understood the client’s challenges and concerns and offered to implement Single Sign-On for their cloud infrastructure workloads.

As numbers of employees accessing the applications hosted on the cloud were many, Single Sign-On solution for cloud was an ideal solution as it enables users to sign into their desktops as well as cloud applications using same credentials.

Our SSO solution gave users of cloud application one-click access to all their web apps in the cloud and also behind the firewall.

e-Zest developed a web based application which can be accessed from all around the world. This also allowed users to access multiple applications with same credentials.

For identity management, we implemented Ping Identity. The following Ping products were used for identity and access management solutions.

  1. Ping One
  2. Ping ID
  3. Ping Federate
  4. Ping Access

Ping One was used to configure the web apps and Ping Federate for user authentication, token exchange and send response. While working with Ping One we followed following steps


Application Architecture


Bottom Line

SSO solution gave the client secure, fast and personalized web services. Ping integration provided the client user authentication that makes the application available for authorized users.

We successfully helped the client achieve the benefits of cloud like cost efficiency, scalability and flexibility of your workloads along with security that made their cloud implementation a success. SSO proved to be the best option for them to manage access identity and to keep their applications secure form unwanted visitors.

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