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A leading computer hardware and software company based in Australia, this client wanted an application to be built for their job contract management.

The project involved the development of an information management system for managing their clients, suppliers, treasury and in-house personnel involved in the execution of contracts for streamlining the operations of a small size business. They partnered with e-Zest for the application development.

Here's how e-Zest executed the project:

  • The team used a highly efficient and reusable reporting engine developed using open source technology.
  • e-Zest team delivered an efficient project management, methodical implementation of requirements, change management procedure and efficient traceability of requirements throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Effective face-to-face coordination with the client at the analysis and designing phases of the application development life cycle in order to reduce the project duration by almost 3 weeks.
  • Through effective coordination, e-Zest was able to create an application which helps the user to manage his customers, suppliers and in-house personnel very efficiently.
  • The calendar and single click access to all reports provides easy access to strategic reports and support for personal task scheduling and team coordination.
  • Flexibility of user management and system design makes the system easily extensible to grant access to end clients themselves in future for job-hours extension, contract renewals and job status tracking.

  • PHP
  • MySQL 4.0

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