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A leading healthcare enterprise from Europe offering e-Health integration and project management for healthcare IT-projects are one of the most sought after providers in this segment providing services to healthcare practitioners, healthcare institutions, mutual insurance organizations and government.

Since the client’s application was functional and deployed at multiple sites, the application was running in the real-time environment, making manual testing naturally very tedious and highly time consuming eating up company resources.

The main challenge was to ensure the existing application does not break, and gets delivered with the best quality. Implementing new features or fixs and pushing the upgrades on the production without affecting the quality of the application was a biggest challenge.

To avoid this, the client looked for a quick and permanent fix to this problem. To bring this vision to reality they partnered with e-Zest.

Here's how team e-Zest came out with a solution of automating the application:

  • Pondered on the existing challenges to fix the problem not only for now but also for the future
  • After having detailed study of the application environment and recent logs, our testers chose MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) as a tool to automate the scripts
  • MTM made the best choice for its compatibility with .NET as the application was developed in .NET
  • Microsoft tool made a best choice which also meant the scripts could be automated to maximum extent with lesser technical problems
  • The objective for the team was to write scripts which would take the language as a parameter and can be executed multiple times for different languages ensuring full coverage while in testing
  • e-Zest’s competence in testing delivered a highly automated workflow improving the client’s business process significantly

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