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Tickets Exchange Portal (TEP) is B2C (Business to consumer) e-Commerce portal. It fulfills the need of online selling, buying and tracking of the tickets of registered live events from multiple categories of events. They partnered with e-Zest for building this portal.

Here's how e-Zest built the portal:

  • This portal distinctly deals with the different categories of events and their online selling and buying.
  • The third party payment gateway is provided for payment transaction support that provides online selling and buying of tickets of various events through credit card to the buyer/seller.
  • Categories of Users: General visitor, seller, buyer, administrator
  • The app provides the following functions and features for buyers, sellers and administrator

Functions of Seller: Sell ticket, view status of ticket, edit entry,

Functions of buyer: Buy ticket, view status of ticket, view rating of a particular seller, and rate a particular Seller, wish list

Functions Of Administrator: Updating category, updating subcategory, report generation of selling and buying of tickets, pending list, shipping details, ticket status, wish list, user block list

Technologies Used:

  • Operating System: RedHat Linux 7.0/ FreeBSD
  • Development Environment: PHP4.0/ Apache Server3.1.12/Qmail
  • Database: PostGreSQL 7.3

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