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AI and ML for interpreting doctor’s prescription

Healthcare is one of the industries that raises the highest hopes regarding potential benefits of AI and machine learning.

Just a prescription if misinterpreted for the drug names can cause severe effects to the patients. According to the National Academy of Sciences, at least 1.5 million people are sickened, injured or killed each year by errors while reading prescriptions.

e-Zest’s prescription recognition solution helps interpret the doctor’s prescription using handwriting recognition and Deep Learning techniques. While this solution helps to digitize the handwritten prescriptions, e-Zest can also help it integrate tightly with other healthcare systems for seamless data flow across the organization.

Other AI and machine learning techniques have great potential in healthcare industries too. Here are some of the other use cases:

  • Speech recognition
    • Scribe, clinical documentation assistant, and a decision support tool during clinical encounters
    • Used with EHR for checking thoroughness and specificity of documentation in the providers' notes
    • In-room assistant for taking notes, searching the chart and placing the order during physician-patient interaction
  • Image recognition
    • Improve hospital security using facial recognition
    • Biometric authentication using facial recognition
    • Sentiment analysis and emotion detection
    • Hospital traffic pattern analysis
    • Analysis of medical image
    • Human activity recognition
  • Handwriting recognition
    • Claim processing
    • Electronic exchange of documents
    • The overall data collection process

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