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Megathon by e-Zest and Fresco Capital

We are thrilled to announce #Megathon2020, a global 100% virtual event that aims to bring together developers, tech enthusiasts, and aspiring entrepreneurs to share and create solutions that cater to the changing industry requirements.

#Megathon2020 will include a #Hackathon for the aspiring developers and #StartupSummit for all the budding entrepreneurs.


  • AI in Healthcare
  • AI in the Future of Work

The outbreak of COVID-19 has ushered unprecedented changes in every organization and industry something we all now know as the New Normal. Businesses are looking for innovative ideas and ways of doing business. They are all evaluating and adopting a digital approach to ensure business continuity in this new and dynamic environment. Here is where technology is and will play a crucial role as an enabler and driver of growth.

Do you have AI based ideas or innovations that can be a gamechanger in this hyper digital era espically in the Healthcare and or the future of work ? If yes, #Megathon2020 is the platform for you!

Startup Bootup 2020 organized by e-Zest Solutions and Fresco Capital
#Startup Summit 2020

Startup Summit is a virtual event that brings together early-stage startups, innovators, thinkers, and industry experts to brainstorm and explore synergies. The sessions are designed to bring out the unique innovations and understand trends that can help you to learn and build a successful business model.

Startup Summit 2020 is an interactive workshop focusing on Startup initiatives on the topic AI in Healthcare and AI in the Future of Work.

#HackathonPUne 2020 organized by e-Zest Solutions and Fresco Capital
#Hackathon 2020

Every big challenge comes with some unique opportunities, and we are looking for innovative ideas that can help transform the future. Choose a track from this year's themes: 'AI in the future of work' or 'AI in healthcare,' and book your spot now. Hackathon 2020 will be a 24-hour non-stop virtual event where coders can Ideate, Innovate, and Code to build AI-centered solutions that drive transformation. What's more, you stand a chance to win a cash prize of ₹ 1 lac!

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key people

Jason Doe

User experiences

Timothy Clark

Web developer

Vicky Tan

Web designer

Kevin Peterson

UI designer
Apps Built
Cups of Coffee


#Hackathon 2020

  • All teams must be part of the #Hackathon2020 kickoff session starting 9am on 12th December. Teams must be online for the entire duration of the event (24-hours)
  • Teams must comprise of 1-2 people
  • All solutions must be aligned to the theme of the #Hackathon2020
  • There is no restriction on any technology (frameworks, platforms, tools etc) that you wish to use
  • If any submitted solution is found to be plagiarized, the team and the candidates will be disqualified. You are permitted to use only publicly developed and openly licensed API’s and SDKs for your project
  • All design elements, code, hardware builds, etc. for your project must be created during the event. You are free to discuss and ideate in advance. Written documents and design sketches are allowed
  • Teams that make it to the final round will be given up to five minutes to present their finished project to a panel of judges
  • Any intellectual property developed during the hackathon will belong to the team that developed it
  • The decision of the #Hackathon2020 judging panel regarding the results will be final and binding
  • Certificates of participation will be given at the end of the event, and only to those teams who have attended all the sessions. The online certificate will be shared on the registered email account

Judging Criteria

The #Hackathon2020 submissions will be judged by a panel of experts on the basis of:

  • The alignment of the use case with the theme
  • Practical feasibility of the solution
  • Reliability, Security and Ease-of-use of the solution
  • Implementation cost and ease of adoption of the solution
  • Adherence of the solution to 'Ethics in AI'


Day 1

November 16 - 2020


8:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

9:00 AM

Coding Begins!

9:15 AM

Lunch served

1:00 PM

Brain teaser 1

3:30 PM

High tea

5:00 PM

Day 2

November 17 - 2020

Final Evaluation

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Award Ceremony

9:00 AM


Hackathon 2020

INR 1,00,000

First Prize

Attractive Cash Prizes to be won

#StartupBootup 2020

3 winning teams will be a part of the Fresco Capital & e-Zest Startup Accelerator program and will receive the following –

    • Office space (for a group of maximum 5)
    • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
    • Counseling on business operations
      (e.g. Patents, Accounting, Regulations, Tax Laws, etc.)
    • Consulting on technology selection
    • Access to regular networking sessions

key people

Stephen Forte

Stephen Forte

Fresco Capital

Devendra Deshmukh

e-Zest Solutions

Girish Chandra

e-Zest Solutions
Vishwas Mahajan

Vishwas Mahajan

Whizible, Founder

Ashish Gupta

e-Zest Solutions

Ameya Mashelkar

Head of JioGenNext
Keynote Speaker (Startup Summit)

Patanjali Somayaji

CTO at Capital Float

Manish Prabhu


Mahesh Mitkari

Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Architect


#Hackathon 2020

e-Zest Hackathons are a 24-hour nonstop event where teams will work on their ideas. As this year we are hosting the event virtually, the entire event will have designated sessions and programs which the participants must attend over this 24-hour duration to be eligible.

Attendees from all backgrounds, genders, age groups, and geographies are welcome to participate in the Hackathon. Basically, we welcome anyone who can code to participate.

Apart from the prizes and the experience, there’s a number of benefits to participating in Hackathons:

  • The learning
  • Wider network
  • Beefing up your resume
  • Attracting investors
  • Making a difference
  • Having fun
  • A functioning laptop or desktop (hardware)
  • Functioning webcam and audio device
  • Softwares / tools required during the Hackathon
  • High speed internet connectivity

Note: e-Zest will not provide any software development tools, game engines or purchase licenses for any of the participants.

No, datasets will not be provided for any use case.

Will each team have mentors?

Although each team will not have a designated mentor, teams can reach out to mentors for any help or queries. We will be scheduling breakout sessions and meetings to help team members get enough time with industry experts to showcase their solution and get expert guidance.

How will I receive my prize?

Winning teams will be provided with the winner's certificate which is issued to each candidate on their registered email ID. Each certificate will be digitally signed by the representatives. There is no country restriction but you must be eligible to receive prizes (in case you win) and you are responsible for paying any taxes on the prize winnings. The amount will be deposited to the bank account provided.

#StartupBootup 2020

If you love tinkering with those lines of code, if you think Neo should take over the world, if how systems work intrigues you, then Hackathon is your place to shine. It is a place where principles of programming, smart logic and knowledge of your chosen platform to code come together.

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