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Transforming your e-Commerce business with Microsoft Azure


The sole purpose of this e-book is to bring awareness about various offerings from Microsoft to enhance your e-Commerce business using various Microsoft Technologies including Microsoft Azure Cloud. This e-book will also help enterprises to understand the importance of AI and Machine Learning. Who should read this book? CXOs, IT Directors and Infrastructure Leaders would benefit a lot from this e-book.

There is a massive amount of growth in e-Commerce retail and B2B, C2C transactions together since 2016. The massive amount of investments in new technology forms like mobility, AI, AR-VR, and cloud gave a boost to entire e-Commerce based businesses. According to recent statistics by eMarketer, there is a double-digit growth expected by the year 2020. As per eMarketer, it is expected that entire global e-Commerce business will reach to almost $25 trillion which is overall near 6% growth compared to last year.

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