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Enterprises planning to be data-driven in their decision-making and operations often create fragmented and siloed data modeling and analytical setups. Often challenged by problems of erroneous correlations, inconsistent data quality, lack of data discoverability, siloed analytical models, duplication of data, and lack of access control and governance, the data insights often come in late or incorrect or both resulting in significant data reconciliation and operational effort and cost with sizable delays in business activities and decisions and impact on revenue.

The ability or inability of enterprise data platforms to serve business consumers with timely, accurate, and actionable insights; as well as its ability to continue doing so over time as data producers, processors, and consumers scale and grow, relies on how the underlying data landscape adheres to or deviates from the Industry recommended reference landscape and standards.

These Industry standards cover 8 core areas


Integration with source apps, Ingestion, Correlations, and Transformations


Amount of Data reconciliation, Operations and Change management


Data Quality, Security, Access & Governance


Adherence to Modern Data Landscape and Architecture


Scalability to seamlessly handle ever-increasing data


Classification, Discoverability, Self-serving ability


Ability to serve BI, Reports, ML, AI and Integrated analytics to Business functions (current & future)


Operations & Change Management

e-Zest has a unique Enterprise Data Landscape Maturity Assessment Exercise which determines the Maturity via a detailed analysis of 500+ criteria points from 70+ categories across 8 core areas in the Enterprise data setup, and their adherence to the ever-enhancing Industry standards. 
The exercise also delivers concrete short-term and long-term recommendations and a roadmap to reach higher level of Data Maturity.

Get your Data Landscape evaluated via one of the 3 programs below to get your Enterprise Data Landscape Maturity score, along with concrete findings, impact & recommendations.


Free - 1-2 days

Data Landscape Maturity Score in one chosen Data Functional area / Data Domain
  • Pick a core data area
  • We engage with key Business and IT leaders  of that area for one full working day 
  • We provide a Maturity Score in the chosen Data Area


5 days

Overall Data Landscape Maturity (entire Data ecosystem)
  • We run our assessment on all data areas
  • We engage with key Business and IT leaders  of that function for 5 full days
  • We provide a Maturity Score for overall Data landscape as well as individual data functions


4 Weeks

Overall Data Landscape Maturity Score + Detailed Analysis + Concrete Short-term & long-term recommendations


  • We run our assessment on all data areas
  • Deep-dive analysis where we engage with key Business and IT leaders  of that function for 20 days
  • We provide a Maturity Scores for overall Data landscape as well as individual data areas
  • We provide concrete recommendations with roadmap to advance to higher maturity level

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