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In simple terms Electronic Governance can be defined as giving Citizens the choice of when and where they access government information and services. Putting the Citizen at the center of government means taking a delivery channel view. This would mean using more and more of Electronics & Information Technology in many of the government functions.


Electronic Governance thus, is the application of Information Technology to the processes of Government functioning to bring about

  • Simple
  • Moral
  • Accountable
  • Responsive and
  • Transparent Governance

The objective of achieving Electronic Governance (EG) goes far beyond mere computerization of stand alone back office operations. It means to fundamentally change as to how the Government operates and this implies a new set of responsibilities for the executive, legislature and the citizenry. The effort should aim to bring about a social catharsis, which needs to be orchestrated in a comprehensive, concerted and planned fashion.

Electronic Government has emerged as one of the flagship applications with aspiration to employ multimedia and network technologies to re-invent the way the government works. This IT enabled government will ensure better transparency and services to the public.

Major areas of Implementation

Identification of Govt. Departments with maximum citizen interface:
Government departments, which have maximum interaction with the public, must be identified for the use of IT. Listed below are a few such departments that can be considered:

Public Grievances:
Electricity, Water, Telephone, Ration Card, Sanitation, Public Transport, Police

Rural Services:
Land Records, Below Poverty Line (BPL) /EWS Families


  • FIR Registration, Lost and Found
  • Valuables, Persons, Dead Bodies

Social Services:

  • Pension
  • Old Age, Widows, Exgratia Scheme
  • Acquisition / Rehabilitation and Compensation
  • Registration of Licenses and Certificates
  • Ration Cards, Birth Certificates, Death Certificate, Domicile Certificate, Caste / Tribe Certificate, Arms Renewal, Registration of Documents, School Registration, University Registration, Motor Vehicle Registration, Driving License

Public Information:
Employment Exchange Registration, Employment Opportunities, Examination Results, Hospitals / Beds Availability / Services, Railway Time Tables, Airline Time Tables, Road Transport Time Tables, Charitable Trusts, Government Notifications, Government Forms, Government Schemes

EWS Services:
Civil supplies, Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Handicapped Pension / Services, Ex Gratia Payment

Agriculture Sector:
Speeds Information, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Crop disease, Weather Forecast – short range / District wise, Market Price

Utility Payments / Billing
Electricity, Water, Telephone

Taxation and Return Filing, Income Tax, Corporate Tax, Custom Duty, Central / State Excise Duty, Sales Tax, House Tax, Property Tax, Octroi, Road Tax, Company Returns

Electronic Procurement, Education University Model for E-Governance

e-Zest is committed towards e-governance implementation at every level of government. e-Zest has dedicated research and development team for making e-Governance reality.

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