Microsoft Azure Resource Usage and Billing Optimization

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business through cost optimization

It is vital to monitor your Azure applications to track the resource usage and also cost of renting those resources according to system requirements. Absolutely, enterprises must leverage advantages of their cloud infrastructure according to the money they are investing into it. 

e-Zest has a special Azure monitoring tool to scrutinize resource utilization and billing. The tool also enables creating alerts and thresholds according to the allocated resources. Using the tool, it is also possible to generate user friendly dashboards by providing all real-time information.

Below are the services provided by e-Zest to help in optimizing the Azure resources and minimizing the cost incurred.

  1. Optimization of resources
    • Azure infrastructure service monitoring
    • Customer configuration and resource usage analysis
    • Guiding customers on the scope of improving system performance and security

  2. Billing Optimization
    • Analysis of bill and money spent on resource usage
    • Inter-zone data transfer analysis
    • Bill prediction as per the usage trends in past
    • Suggesting different ways to users on the opportunities of saving costs spent on resources

Partner with us to have an optimized Azure infrastructure that will help you to save resources and cost simultaneously. Write to us at, if you are looking for monitoring and optimization services.

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