PhoneGap Development Services

Leveraging the best practices in PhoneGap Development

The high level of commitment and excellence displayed by PhoneGap developers at e-Zest result in easy, simple and useful mobile web apps.

PhoneGap which is an open source development framework enables web developers at e-Zest to build cross platform mobile applications using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. These applications are packaged like native applications with open standards and are not truly web based. The PhoneGap apps interact with mobile device hardware unlike the normal mobile apps.

PhoneGap features and benefits:

  • Existing web technologies like HTML and JavaScript can be reused to build robust mobile apps using PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap developers can leverage the native capabilities of the device to run in multiple platforms using a single source code
  • PhoneGap supports different mobile apps versions for mobile platforms
  • Free and open source project under MIT license
  • Faster and easier mobile apps can be developed using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript without using Objective-C
  • Supports Geo location, vibration, accelerometer, photos, contacts, offline storage and more
  • PhoneGap AIR simulator for easier testing
  • Supports Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile i.e. all major mobile platforms
  • PhoneGap provides developers access to rich features, and allows sites to support versions f their corresponding mobile apps for mobile platforms
  • PhoneGap offers access to the phone’s client APIs and work under the objective-C
  • Offshore PhoneGap developers prove to be an ideal choice for project completion since the administration overheads of routine personnel can be eliminated

Hallmark of e-Zest Service:

  • A team of committed and dynamic developers, who can reuse codes across different operating mobile systems, use best practices in PhoneGap development that conforms to W3C technologies
  • Experienced PhoneGap developers available for customized PhoneGap application development
  • The expertise of the e-Zest developers includes building platform mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry in various categories including: business, games, music, travel, tools utilities, medical healthcare, entertainment & online shopping
  • PhoneGap mobile solutions and custom PhoneGap app development is undertaken and custom iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile application development commercial and open source mobile frameworks developed
  • Testing and porting of applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry , Windows Mobile
  • e-Zest’s talented team of professionals is available on hire for web development projects
  • e-Zest designs and develops a wide range of Windows mobile apps and cross platform mobile apps and solutions. We also specialize in Windows Mobile enterprise apps over service oriented architecture and modern application design
  • Special services to customize, integrate, install, deploy, and implement various third party and open source application packages and other similar applications
  • Consultancy and integration services offered to corporate over their entire IT software setup, to support on demand availability of business critical information

At e-Zest cutting edge technology, best practices and novelty are brought to the fore through our PhoneGap Development Services!

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