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Accelerating Data-driven Decision Making through a Reporting Platform using AWS Quicksight

Casestudy AWS Quicksight Data Export Reporting Platform Fare Collection Solution

The client is a leading provider of configurable fare collection solutions to public transit agencies and private transportation companies. They sought to simplify and consolidate their existing platform to improve reporting, enable data-driven decision-making, and enhance customer engagement. The primary challenges faced by them included the need for multiple platforms, inconsistent reporting, complex maintenance, prolonged deployment times, high deployment costs, technology overload, and scalability limitations.

e-Zest successfully addressed these challenges by developing a next-generation reporting platform using AWS Quicksight. Our solution allows transit agencies to access reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as ridership, sales, revenue, cash reconciliation, and maintenance. Beyond KPI reporting, the solution offers features like custom report creation, data export, and the ability to edit information entered by drivers during transit for accurate ridership reports.

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