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Automated Regression Testing Suite for
e-Commerce Platform

Casestudy e-Commerce Automated Regression Testing Healthcare Industry Pharmaceutical

Organizations today use multiple systems and applications, requiring more sophisticated testing mechanisms and processes. With the complexity and size of these systems only increasing, companies are slowly moving away from manual testing to adopting automated testing processes. A global healthcare organization relied upon manual processes for its testing, performance validation, unit testing, code analysis and other requirements. This complex and manual process led to time and cost inefficiencies.

e-Zest helped the client develop an end-solution to address several of the client's pain points, such as:

  • Covered end to end-user flows in automated test cases
  • Automated test data and prerequisites
  • Defined test automation strategy for the client
  • Directed client's stakeholders to identify the test cases to include in the regression suite
  • Framework and code is reusable and can be used for other applications with minor modifications

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